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Guild Members Bring Home Medals from Denver

Botanery Barn Distillery brings home a Best in Show award in the Craft Spirits Packaging category for its Revivalist Garden Gin at the American Craft Spirits Association Convention and Awards Competition. Last year Botanery Barn (formerly Brandywine Branch Distillery) won a Silver Medal in Packaging for their line of Resurgent Whiskeys.

Eight Oaks Farm Distillery won four medals including a Gold Medal for their Pinot Noir Finished Bourbon. Liberty Pole Spirits won a Silver Medal for their Straight Peated Rye Whiskey and Noire Distillery received a Bronze Medal for its Noire Blanc Gin.

  • Packaging
  • Botanery Barn Distillery Revivalist Garden Gin – Best in Show
  • Whiskey
  • Eight Oaks Farm Distillery Pinot Noir Finished Bourbon – Gold
  • Liberty Pole Spirits Straight Peated Rye Whiskey – Silver
  • Eight Oaks Farm Distillery Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Bronze
  • Eight Oaks Farm Distillery Penna Rye Whiskey – Bronze
  • Brandy
  • Eight Oaks Farm Distillery Barrel-Aged Applejack – Bronze
  • Gin
  • Noire Expedition Noire Blanc – Bronze
Revivalist Gin - Best in Show ACSA Packaging Awards
Photo via ACSA