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Pennsylvania Distillers Guild Engages ABF Economics to Measure Economic Impact of Craft Distilling Industry on Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Distillers Guild (PADG) has selected ABF Economics to estimate the impact of the Craft Distilling Industry on the economy of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This study will provide “ammunition” for industry participants to use to emphasize the contribution the industry makes to legislators, regulators, stakeholders, and the general public. The economic impact will be estimated by applying impact multipliers to the value of industry output measured by gross sales. 

ABF Economics has experience in a broad range of economic and policy analysis, consulting services to organizations involved in production, agriculture, biofuels, renewable energy, food and beverages. 

In order to maintain anonymity, the survey will be sent out by ABF Economics and individual responses will not be available to anyone with ties to PADG. 

In order to collect the necessary data for analysis, please complete the  survey by Friday June 14, 2024. Please do not identify yourself or your individual business. All information will be held in strict confidence and will be aggregated for analysis.

Be on the lookout for the SurveyMonkey email to arrive this week.  

We encourage you to respond to the survey so we can accurately measure the impact Craft Distilling has on Pennsylvania. 

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