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Philadelphia Area

1 Bluebird Distilling



Bluebird Distilling is an award winning grain-to-glass distillery located in historic Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The bar and retail location will allow guests to sample and purchase Bluebird Distilling’s complete range of award-winning craft spirits, ranging from Four Grain Bourbon and Rye Whiskey to Juniperus Gin and Sugarcane Rum, among the mix.

Boardroom Spirits opened in February 2016 in Lansdale, PA and was built on a foundation on European distilling traditions coupled with American ingenuity. Visit the tasting room to sample our portfolio of products and allow our friendly and knowledgeable staff to create a variety of flavorful cocktails that are made with fresh ingredients and house-made syrups. Soak up some knowledge with a detailed and educational distillery tour that explains the science behind the distilled spirits making process.

3 Brandywine Branch Distillers



Head upstream on the Brandywine River as far as you can go—past crumbling mills, Revolutionary War battlefields, and long-forgotten Lenape fisheries—all the way to its headwaters. Not far from the river bank you’ll find an old barn, our first experiment in bringing new life to the old ways. Having revived the barn, we moved in two hand-hammered copper pot stills, four Douglas Fir fermentation tanks, and a couple of master distillers. Brandywine Branch Distillers was born and ever since, we’ve been dedicating our days to making innovative new spirits according to the time-honored traditions of old-fashioned craft distilling.

4 Dad’s Hat Distillery



Dad’s Hat has one mission — to deliver classic Pennsylvania rye spirits that follow more than 200 years of American tradition, using locally-sourced ingredients from the heart of Bucks County to distill their famous whiskey. Mix up a Manhattan with their classic rye, or add another complex flavor note by choosing one of their double finish ryes, aged in sweet vermouth or port wine barrels. Visit the distillery to see what goes into making this traditional spirit and why it’s recognized as one of the state’s best whiskey brands. Tours are offered throughout the day on Saturdays.

5 Five Saints Distilling



Five Saints is an award winning distillery located in the Historic Humane Fire Engine Co. No. 1 nested in the heart of Montgomery County, Norristown. We offer unique premium distilled spirits that include a Slow-distilled Vodka, a “tequila like” White Whiskey, a Savory Tuscan Gin and a Blood Orange Liqueur with additional spirits coming soon. Enjoy our handcrafted Spirit Cocktails, PA wines and Beers at our Whiskey Bar with events occurring daily. Come relax, connect, enjoy and savor.

Not all premium vodka’s are the same, Kiki proves it. Sustainably sourced gluten-free raw ingredients, purified mineral enriched water and Russian engineered silver and platinum filtration system makes Kiki Vodka distinct and results in a clean, smooth finish. Kiki is certified Kosher and vegan.

7 Manatawny Still Works



Manatawny Still Works is a distillery bottling the highest quality handcrafted spirits in small batches. The distillery is located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, on the banks of Manatawny Creek – Lenape for, “the place we meet to drink.”

8 New Liberty Distillery



New Liberty Distillery is located in a vibrant north Philadelphia neighborhood, just minutes from Center City, in a building that once served as a stable. In addition to the working distillery, their site also features a beautiful bar and tasting room where you can sample New Liberty’s full slate of craft whiskeys, such as rye, malt and bourbon, and enjoy craft cocktails in their rustic courtyard.

9 Palmer Distilling Co.



Focused on tradition and simplicity, this distillery may be new but roots itself in the past. Based out of Manayunk, Walter Palmer, founder and head distiller, produces the very patriotically named, citrus-y Liberty Gin, and Manayunk Moonshine, which sounds like the best worst idea in a while.Tours are offered every Saturday from noon to 5 PM, no reservation needed. During that time the tasting room is also open. And anytime you see a sign outside that says “free gin tasting,” head on in.

10 Pennsylvania Distilling



Pennsylvania Distilling Company is a craft spirits producer and marketer located in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The company produces un-aged and aged whiskey, vodka, gin and rum and will release these products in Philadelphia metropolitan area gradually increasing to the entire State of Pennsylvania.

11 Philadelphia Distilling



Philadelphia Distilling combines age-old craftsmanship with evolving modern techniques to create a unique portfolio of premium spirits that rely on the agricultural integrity of authentically stheirced botanicals and the finest heritage equipment. Hand-hammered copper stills from the fifth-generation Forsyth family and wooden fermentation vessels from Hall-Woodford, an iconic Philadelphia-based family business using the building technique since 1854, are a key point of difference — both in their construction value as well as the integrity of spirits they help us to produce. After celebrating their first decade by moving into a new showcase distillery, Philadelphia Distilling continues their batch-by-batch process, turning out spirits that celebrate big, bold American flavor.

12 Red Brick Craft Distillery



Born from a Kickstarter campaign, Red Brick first got its feet on the ground in 2016. Now they produce multiple spirits and work very closely with their neighbor Martha (a bar with more than 50 local spirits). Grab a bottle of their single malt Red Brick Whiskey, Barrel Strength Red Brick Whiskey, or their Simple Shine, a sugar wash rum. The tasting room is open weekends between 1 and 6pm.

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