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Conneaut Cellars is the first distillery in the Lake Erie region of northwestern Pennsylvania since Prohibition era and established in 2013.
Their Conneaut Lake distillery produces small batches of high-quality distilled spirits using our three copper stills (300-gallon pot still, 100-gallon 7-tray column still, 53 gallon gin/vodka still powered by solar) and has won several awards at international competitions. Also, Conneaut Cellars uses their white brandy to fortify their wines and ciders.

  • Half-town Bourbon
  • Meadville Rye Whiskey
  • Woolly Ganesh
  • Goat Island White Rum
  • Rumamuck Spiced Rum
  • Evansburg Brandy
  • Cussewago Blanc Brandy
  • Crooked Creek Vodka