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Cart/Horse Distilling

Edinboro, PA

Great Lakes Area


Jessica Lemmon

John Fetzner
Co-Owner/Vice President

Cart/Horse Distilling is a first-generation woman owned distillery, pioneering the craft in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. As the first award winning distillery in Erie County, they focus on locally grown ingredients that allow them to support growers in the region and keep agricultural traditions alive.
Straight from the fields of Northwestern Pennsylvania, the grain based whiskey, vodka and gin captures the sweet essence of red winter wheat. As a PA Preferred registered distillery, Cart/Horse pride themselves on sourcing ingredients from local producers.

  • Cart/Horse American White Rum
  • Cart/Horse Red Wheat Whisky
  • Cart/Horse Hand Crafted Vodka
  • Cart/Horse Small Batch Gin
  • Cart/Horse Root Digger Artisan Root Beer Spirit
  • Cart/Horse Spiced Coffee Liqueur
  • Cart/Horse Strawberry Watermelon Shine
  • Captain Dobbin’s Reserve Oaked Rum