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Kindred Spirits: State Distilleries Lend A Hand, Produce Hand Sanitizer

Pennsylvania Distillers Guild will have produced some 2.4 million 4-ounce bottles of hand sanitizer, predicts Rob Cassell. And if that’s not impressive enough, consider all the partnerships he’s forged and red tape he’s cut through since March. “To me, I feel like what you’re seeing happen between public-private partnerships and businesses converting to creative solutions is like what our grandparents talked about happening during World War II,” said Cassell, guild president and master distiller at North Philadelphia’s New Liberty Distillery.

Many Local Distilleries Are Giving Away Hand Sanitizer, But It’s Not Free

After hand sanitizer evaporated from store shelves and the internet in early March, distilleries all over the country started brewing makeshift substitutes with various formulas. On March 18, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) issued a letter to the nation’s distilleries, authorizing them to make it according to World Health Organization’s guidelines, which call for a mix of ethanol, glycerol, and hydrogen peroxide.

PA House Liquor Control Committee Fights for Consumers, Passes Bill to Repeal Flexible Pricing Program

Today, the Pennsylvania House Liquor Control Committee passed HB 1512, a bill to repeal the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s (PLCB) flexible pricing program. Last week, Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) Chief Economist David Ozgo and President and CEO of the American Distilled Spirits Association Matt Dogali testified before the committee to highlight the harmful impacts this program is having on consumers in Pennsylvania.