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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "craft distilling"?

The American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA) defines a craft distillery as a distillery maintaining transparency at all production levels, producing fewer than 750,000 gallons (2.8 million liters) annually, directly or indirectly holding an ownership interest of 51 percent or more.

Who is the Pennsylvania Distillers Guild?

The Pennsylvania Distillers Guild is a collaborative organization of spirits producers founded to enrich the growth of the state’s vibrant distilling industry. Our membership’s primary mission is to advance the prosperity of craft spirits in Pennsylvania with a key focus on the use of local agriculture, the state’s historical distilling legacy and educating our fellow craft distillers.

How do I join the Guild?

All PA-licensed distillers are eligible to join as voting members. To be a "Member Distillery", you must produce in state at a licensed facility which is verified by the PADG leadership. Membership dues must be paid in full annually and kept in good standing to be considered a "voting member". Product and service providers are also invited to apply for "Associate Membership", which holds a non-voting status in the Guild. More information, please tap here.

Where can I find Pennsylvania-made spirits?

Pennsylvania distillers are able to sell directly, and many operate tasting rooms at their distilleries. Distilleries are also able to operate satellite locations around the state, as well as sell at the state’s many farmers’ markets. The state run Fine Wine & Good Spirits shops also showcase Pennsylvania distillers in their Made in Pennsylvania sections.

Can Pennsylvania distillers ship to me out-of-state?

In general, it is still difficult to ship spirits across state lines in the United States due to state law. Distilleries can accept orders from outside Pennsylvania, but the delivery address must be within Pennsylvania. However, more and more states are adding inter-state shipping to their websites.