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Manatawny Still Works Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

From Manatawny Still Works:

Local craft distillery Manatawny Still Works (MSW) celebrates its tenth anniversary this year by releasing an unusually blended, small batch whiskey, and by offering fetching cocktail specials in its four tasting rooms in Pottstown, Ardmore, East Passyunk, and Fishtown.

“For ten years, we’ve been advancing the idea of what craft whiskey can be,” says President and Distiller Max Pfeffer, hired as MSW’s first employee in 2013. “Now we’re excited to release a whiskey that’s not only a celebration of our distilling skill, but also a window into our history.”

The new whiskey, named Ad Infinitum, will hit tasting rooms, farmer’s markets, and the company’s website for sale on April 13. Combining old and new in an unprecedented way, MSW has pulled together a blend of its iconic four grain whiskies that draws from every year of the distillery’s history. MSW will reserve a portion of this year’s release to blend into the next Ad Infinitum release, some of which they will reserve for future Ad Infinitum releases, and so on. MSW will release approximately three hundred bottles of the 2024 Ad Infinitum, which will sell for $65 in MSW tasting rooms, online, and at farmer’s markets.

The distillery’s four tasting rooms are excited to offer their own take on celebrating the anniversary. From April through December, each tasting room will offer a $10 cocktail or pour featuring a different spirit each month. For example, from its release until the end of April, neat or large rock pours of Ad Infinitum will be $10 in all tasting rooms. Additionally, the distillery’s tasting room in Pottstown will host a release party on April 13 with food trucks and live music.

“If you’ve never stopped in to try our whiskey, now’s the time,” says Jennifer Sabatino, Director of Business Operations, and overseer of all bar programming for Manatawny. “And if you’d rather have a cocktail, you’re in luck—our monthly $10 cocktail special gives everyone a chance throughout the year to try a cocktail they’ll like.”